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ode to the house i remember as the one where i lived right after my aunt had died

posted by Hatty

I remember the summer I came home after freshmen year. It was right after Hurricane Katrina had hit, months after my aunt passed away of heart attack. My parents had moved immediately to house the look after my two newly orphaned cousins.  

The living room was spacious with a real fireplace and hardwood floor, enough room for two sets of couches. We held a party here once, Christmas/housewarming/birthday party for Hannah. My mom said that losing aunt shouldn’t rob Hannah of her celebration. Her birthday was two days before Christmas. we spent more than two hundred dollars buying fancy ornaments at Macy’s, per Hannah’s request. Handmade glass, colored orbs, beads and angel figurines. I got so upset with the selfishness, the extravagant planning my mom had never done for me. She invited friends for a feast and a gift exchange. We all sat in a circle in that huge living room on a sumptuous carpet, opening presents: a box of Ferrero Rocher, stuffed animals and coffee mugs. What we ate, I don’t remember. People left early, their gifts sitting unwrapped in the living room.