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Dance Till Kingdom Come: Changing the face of pop culture, one music video at a time

by Hatty Lee

When I walk up the narrow staircase to the third floor of the Ark House, Chris Go is kneeling on his knees and squeezing an inflatable globe with both his hands. “Slowly,” says Jason King, never taking his eyes off the monitor connected to his camera. They are going to reverse the shot, bringing the flattened mess back to life in Go’s hands.

Come, come, come to the wedding,” coos Misty Edwards in the background. The smoke machine fills the room, already half dark in the setting sun. People are rocking, swaying, eyes closed and brows furrowed deep in meditation, uttering sounds we don’t understand – tongues, languages of heaven. This is not your typical prayer meeting or music video shoot.

How are the two seemingly unrelated worlds colliding in the same room? But that’s exactly what Go is doing, filming a music video about the heart of prayer. Throw a dozen Christian friends in an attic with a Cannon 60D in the hands of an Expression College for Digital Arts graduate, and we have the third shoot of “Till the World Ends (Keep on Praying),” a video cover of Britney Spears’ newest song.

Something in me has always longed for mainstream media and entertainment to be enraptured by Jesus,”

confesses Go, whose impressive dance and choreography credits include [M]ovement, Funksters and TheCompany among others. With an invitation for adventure from God this past March, Go has begun to actively pursue a series of arts projects, “taking what Hollywood dishes out and repackaging it for God’s glory.” For his first venture, he chose to pay homage to his childhood idol to answer the cynical view of today’s chaotic world – often fueling Christian community’s message of The Judgment Day – with a call to pray for heaven on earth. With the help of a friend who dabbled in the world of DJing, Go remade Spears’ recent single, recording his own lyrics over reengineered Spears beats. But his true passion for the project would emerge through dance, a visual translation of the message onto video. This is where King comes in.