how do we celebrate art, life and culture without appropriation, commodification or exploitation?

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I’m sorry to disappoint you. If you’ve been following this blog thinking the Editor in Chief works for the awesomely race-conscious journalism site Colorlines as an infographic designer, you know for the “day job,” let me clarify.

I’m not that Hatty Lee :(

But you should continue following both this blog and that blog! This past Friday, Ms. Lee rounded up some beautiful pictures of the Cinco de Mayo celebrations all over the country. As someone commented on the page, we don’t always hear about the fullness of the different communities’ history. I think it’s fantastic that in the middle of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I can stop to honor the struggles and contributions of another people of color that have actually strengthened equality for all people, including my own.

So go ahead. “Like” Colorlines on your Facebook, Google +1 the article, tweet the link away.

And please stop inviting me on Linked In.

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